The “very important necklace” collection

A very special collection of “important” necklaces carefully crafted in sterling silver. This timeless collection is extremely versatile, designed to be worn on any occasion and is guaranteed to enhance the simplest attire. Delicate ovals with moiré silk finish crafted in sterling silver, each with a unique rippled effect, lie flat against each other creating…

Square clip earrings with matt finish

Most versatile square clip earrings in sterling silver with matt finish. Size: 20x20mm approx. For orders, or more information, please e-mail or buy me here

Drop earrings with big sea blue agate

Dainty mat finish dangling earrings with big sea blue agate. Earrings length: 27mm, earring square: 27mm, stone size: 8mm Price: £30.00 For orders, or more information, please e-mail

Collections: The chains

This is a collection of sterling silver chains with oval or round links, hammered or with a sateen finish   Double hammered chain length: 105 cm, worn doubled: 54 cm. Ovals size: 22x28mm; price: £220.00 Buy it on Etsy  here Hammered chain length: 50cm; ovals size: 22x28mm; price: £80.00 or buy it here Hammered chain…