The “very important necklace” collection

A very special collection of “important” necklaces carefully crafted in sterling silver. This timeless collection is extremely versatile, designed to be worn on any occasion and is guaranteed to enhance the simplest attire.

Delicate ovals with moiré silk finish crafted in sterling silver, each with a unique rippled effect, lie flat against each other creating a beautiful fluid necklace perfect for any occasion.

Necklace length: 470mm approx.

Necklace £300.00, matching earrings available from £30.00. Available to order only

Big triangles necklace. Length 530 mm approx. Triangles size: 30x30mm. Can be made to measure. Matching earrings available from £30.00. Price: £300.00

This necklace is sure to make a statement! In sterling silver, it features 19 linked half octagons with moiré silk finish. Necklace length 440 mm; individual pieces 15x30mm. It sits flat around the neck. Necklace £270.00; matching earrings available from £30.00.

Sterling silver necklace with 24 linked, moiré effect, square links. Sits flat around the neck. Length 490 mm approx. Can be made to measure. Matching earrings available. Price: £300.00

This is a real statement piece. A series of running hearths with a spot patterns. The short chain at the back allows to adjust the length. Maximum length: 50cm; each piece is 18x22mm. Matching earrings available.
Price: £400.00

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  1. ChrisD says:

    I’ve got the necklace with moire ovals and I love it. (I bought it in Lauderdale house around 2018ish)


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