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My Jewellery’ by Annia Marcus

“My constant search is for elegance, and the lines of my collections of individually handcrafted jewellery reflect both the influence of my training in design and my passion for contemporary art.

Each one of my pieces is carefully crafted from sterling silver. I love texturing the surface by hammering and satinising, but I am especially fond of my trademark moiré and my recent moonscape finishes, that can be either very subtle or very pronounced.

All of my pieces are designed with the aim of being versatile and practical, yet eye-catching. That is why I love to make pieces with a sense of contemporary design that are as appropriate for every day wear as for special occasions. And guaranteed to enhance the simplest attire.”

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How to use this site

  • Or for a general look at what I am working on at the moment try the Gallery.
  • To buy any piece simply send your order here. You may also find some pieces on my Etsy site here.
  • If you like my approach but can’t see exactly what you want, then do let me know. I am always happy to work on bespoke commissions. You can contact me here.