Collections: The chains

This is a collection of sterling silver chains with oval or round links, hammered or with sateen finish

chain oval double


chain oval double

Double chain length: length: 105 cm, worn doubled: 54 cm. Ovals size: 22x28mm; price: £220.00

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chain single oval

Chain length: 50cm; ovals size: 22x28mm; price: £80.00

chain single varied

Chain length: 48cm; ovals size: 22x35mm and 25x43mm; price: £80.00


chain short oval

Chain length: 48cm; ovals size: 15x20mm, 20x22mm and 22x34mm; price: £80.00

chain long mixed

Chain length: 64cm; ovals in various sizes; price £130.00


chain oval medium even

Chain length: 72cm; ovals size: 20x27mm; price £130.00

chain oval medium 2 small

Chain length: 74cm; ovals size: 15x22mm – 20x28mm; price £130.00

chain with leaves


Chain length: 75cm; ovals size: 55mm; leaves sizes:  73mm and  58mm, price: £195.00

necklace matt short

Necklace length: 520mm; ovals size: 19x25mm; price: £90.00

bangle matt oval

Bracelet length:  210mm, ovals size: 19x25mm; price: £55.00

chain matt long

Long sterling silver chain with sateen oval links.

Oval size: length: 720mm; ovals size: 18x22mm to 22x27mm; price: £140.00


chain round big 3

chain round big clasp

chain round big mess

chain round big detail

Length: 500mm; ring diameter: 23mm; price: £80.00

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chain bing round long

Length: 740mm; ring diameter: 23mm; price: £120.00

bracelet round big

Length: 230mm; ring diameter; 23mm; price: £50.00

chain round small double

chain oval double mess

chain roundn small double clasp

Length: long 97 cm, worn doubled: 49cm. Ring diameter:  13mm; price: £130.00

Buy it on Etsy here

necklace small rings short

Length: 45cm; ring diameter: 15mm; price: £70.00

bracelet small circles

Length: 21cm; ring width: 13mm; price: £40.00

bracelet double small


bracelet double small 2bracelet double small worn

Length: 21cm, ring width: 13mm; price: £65.00

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