Silver drop earrings “Bauhaus” style

Sterling silver folded drop earrings in “Bauhaus” style with matt finish and oxidized inside.

Drop: 43mm

Length of piece: 34mm

Price: £45.00

earrings BH bk

earrings BH folded 3

For orders e-mail

or buy them here: here

Available also in a small size, as per picture below

earrings small drop

Drop: 34mm

Length of piece: 25mm

Price: £35.00

A new addition to my very popular Bauhaus earrings series: drop earrings with a sandstone finish

earrings Bauhaus sandstone 14earrings Bauhaus sandstone 13earrings Bauhaus sandstone 12earrings Bauhaus sandstone 10earrings Bauhaus sandstone 8earrings Bauhaus sandstone 6

Drop: 43mm

Length of piece: 34mm

Price: £45.00

For orders, or more information, please e-mail or buy them here

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